Don't Blow The Illusion isn't one thing, or another. It just is. It has no fixed aesthetic, absolutely no fixed inspiration source and caters to no one type of person.

Our concerns are quality, ethics, and good art. 

"I have a gluttonous taste for displaying the human experience in a very specific way." - RW 

It all begins in a small town north of Toronto, Canada. I was brought up on a bay off of Great Lake Huron. Thus shaping my what is often referred to as ‘California’ appeal by non-Californians —but I believe it’s what made my photography unique to the typical LA style of shooting. Almost all of my early imagery was photographed on a dull Canadian beach in its off season while I dreamt endlessly of new and tropical horizons; the rest in Toronto in rent by the hour motels on the east end. The city is where a greasy despondence began to surface among the blue skies and dreamlike colour schemes. I felt hopeless, yet inspired and alive. From there I made one of the cleanest breaks of my life via a one-way ticket to the sacred Hawaiian island of Maui in late 2012. This is where the desolate Canadian scenery and city gloom began to meld into a tropical contact-high haven and style of its own. From then on I've spent the majority of my months chasing the feeling that comes with discovering the unknown and creating my own paradise along the way.

Enjoy the ride.

- Robin Waters

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